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BizSwitch ServicesBizSwitch Services Ltd is a Mauritian business solutions and services company that provides complete turnkey solutions for the electricity, gas and water utilities. Bizswitch Services is a licensed distributor for iPay SaaS solutions, which is internationally deployed in regulated and deregulated energy markets. The utility solutions include STS prepaid vending, thin/smart prepayment, retail management, meter data management and payments for value-added services like mobile airtime and bill payments.  The BizSwitch platform is meter manufacturer independent and has interfaced with several MDCs (Meter Data Concentrators), allowing the utility to have the flexibility of a single system. http://bizswitchservices.com/

Conlog logoConlog is a world leader in the electricity prepayment industry. Our solutions are sold worldwide and more than 70 utilities are reaping the financial benefits of our revenue management solutions. Furthermore, each day, almost 3000 households have a Conlog prepaid electricity meter installed in their home; giving us the world’s largest installed base of over eight million STS prepaid meters. We offer the world’s broadest product offer, comprising meters, vending, revenue management, maintenance, consulting, training and support. www.conlog.co.za

Electricitybilling.comElectricitybilling.com is a prepaid and postpaid energy and water billing platform provided to over 200 utilities globally. Our focus is on rapid deployment of cost-effective solutions in developing countries. We integrate with STS natively and can integrate directly into carrier systems to enable mobile-based top-ups which is proving a hit in ‘bankless’ communities. Hosted in the cloud anywhere with internet access can obtain access to the system, while those without internet can obtain tokens using mobile phone technology. Sign up online now to access our cloud-based Internet product.

Eliq changes the way energy utilities engage with their customers, using machine learning and a Software-as-a-Service solution for real-time monitoring and optimising electricity use, both prepaid and postpaid. Our white label app is connected to the customer’s home smart meter (SMETS1/SMETS2), enriched with third-party data such as weather, tariffs and billing. Customers can track consumption (history, forecasts, anomalies), view bills (payment history, credit balance, how long credit will last) and top-up credit. They can also receive low credit and unusual consumption alerts.  With time, the cloud analytics learn homes’ profiles and habits, send smart alerts and insightful advice to help users reduce consumption and costs. https://eliq.io/

Engage ConsultingFor 15 years Engage Consulting has helped shape the energy market in GB, working closely with Energy Suppliers and Regulators to establish GB’s approach to Smart Metering and Smart PAYG. Whether you’re considering in-house development, COTs solutions, an end-to-end Managed Service or collaborative offerings from multiple partners, we provide hands-on practical experience of development and implementation of Smart PAYG solutions and services, including: Strategy Development; Requirements Definition; Business Case development Procurement processes; Solution selection; Full lifecycle Programme / Project delivery; Independent advice and delivery assurance. For more information on Smart PAYG and other services – click here.

Exceleron utility prepay and payment service companyExceleron Software is North America’s leading utility prepay and payment service company.  Over the past decade, Exceleron’s MyUsage® suite of applications has been utilized by electric, water and gas utilities to provide their customers with greater usage awareness which leads to better usage behavior and improves on-time payment performance. Consumers have more access to detailed information about their usage consumption and greater control over the amount, frequency and methods of payment. This increases customer choice, improves customer satisfaction and significantly lowers financial risk for utilities. For more information visit www.exceleron.com.

FlexEnergy EnergyDynamicsEnergyDynamics® from FlexEnergy is a highly integrated smart metering software platform for the liberalised energy market. Providing a highly customisable front-end and back-end solution for industry leaders, our software offers secure services with end-to-end cryptographic communication:- smart front-end system to enhance prepayment energy sales performance and customer relationship through a gateway for multiple back-ends; a robust infrastructure and EDM back-end system to control energy delivery, sales and data flow in a layered perspective, integrating third-party systems. EnergyDynamics is a state-of-the-art technology that allows energy providers to take full advantage of the new smart grid system. www.flexenergy.ch/

Gentrack_logoEstablished in 1989, Gentrack has an extensive history of developing, implementing and supporting its specialist software for energy utilities, water companies and airports. Its flagship Gentrack Velocity solution includes a proven billing engine for billing multiple utility types for customers on credit and prepayment plans. In conjunction with smart metering, Velocity enables utilities to shift the prepayment smarts from the meter to the billing and CIS system – providing complete flexibility of the metering and top-up technology in which a utility may wish to invest. Gentrack’s smart prepay solution uses Gentrack Velocity software as its core for meter data management, billing, pricing and customer management, providing the flexibility to enable utilities to efficiently recover revenues from non-paying customers while also correcting behaviours to achieve customer payment continuity. www.gentrack.com

HCLHCL serves over 60 electric, gas and water companies around the globe with over 20 million retail energy customers. HCL’s prepaid energy solution has been in service since 2004 and integrates directly with the AMI MDM and offers configurable balance thresholds, electronic payments and alerts using SMS and social media, making it user-friendly for today’s tech-savvy consumers. Since it is built on the most prominent platform – SAP Customer Relationship & Billing, utilities aren’t stranded on a stand-alone application but can scale the solution to an end-to-end Customer Information System for their entire customer base. Contact us: engageme@hcl.com

HoneywellHoneywell is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes, and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. Our innovative and multi-vendor smart prepayment solution, part of Honeywell’s next-generation software suite Connexo™, allows utilities to successfully implement prepaid metering and gain from its new marketing possibilities, enhanced customer satisfaction and cash-flow optimization. The solution is built around data communication, customer care, rating & charging and billing & payments. www.connexo.com/applications/prepayment/

Inhemeter logoSHENZHEN INHEMETER CO. LTD is a world-leading high-tech company dedicated to the electricity industry, providing proven technology products, solutions and services to utilities all over the world. The company focuses on R&D, manufacturing and offering smart metering and smart grid products, solutions and services, measurement devices, communications infrastructure, prepayment and payment solutions and services, and AMR/AMM management systems. INHEMETER is headquartered in the Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Zone, and its production base at INHE Industry Park in Jiangxi has an annual production capacity of 5 million smart meters and a land area of around 10,000m². www.inhemeter.com

Kopani Utility Services PNG-01Kopani Utility Services provides turnkey solutions for the management of prepayment, post-payment and smart energy and water resources. The solution ensures that utilities are able to manage their consumer and meter data geospatially, generate accurate bills and receipts as well as enhance their revenue protection capabilities. Our state-of-the-art consumer portal allows consumers to view their consumption or purchase prepayment tokens online hereby ensuring transparency, promoting energy efficiency and improving overall consumer satisfaction. www.kopaniservices.com

Landis+Gyr logoLandis+Gyr Prepay extends the value of an AMI platform by providing real-time access to energy data and edge intelligence to automate energy transactions at the premise. Energy usage and account balances are tracked in the meter, with real-time account and usage information delivered to the consumer via a robust in-home digital display unit, as well as a consumer engagement platform. Landis+Gyr Prepay integrates with existing CIS and payment infrastructure and is supported on the E350 FOCUS® AX-SD meter.  Flexible payment options enhance customer satisfaction and engagement. This, in turn, lowers utility costs associated with call center support, collections and write-offs. www.landisgyr.com/gridstream-solutions/customer-intelligence/

Liquix prepayAt Liquix we want to outsmart business processes to brighten people’s lives. With our prepaid energy solution, we give the control of the energy bill back to the people. We offer a standalone software-as-a-service solution with real-time energy spending, easy reload and payment options, and an option for saving extra for winter time or paying back debt. Liquix is an Agile company and we are always keen on implementing your desired business requirements. In addition to this, our sister company Xemex is able to deliver smart energy meters, which allows us to incorporate the latest hardware innovations into your solution. www.liquix.eu/

Thanks to its flexibility and multi-play nature, MaxBill empowers service providers in various verticals to deliver outstanding customer experience, therefore driving their user base and revenue growth. MaxBill is an all-in-one customer management, billing and service delivery solution for service providers, covering meter-to-cash processes, customer care, billing, pre-paid and post-paid rating and collection. It comes with sophisticated analytics and reporting, including complex B2B and B2C revenue-sharing schemes for billing and settlements. MaxBill is available for both on-premise and SaaS deployments. Since 1996, MaxBill has been helping utilities, municipalities, energy supplies and communal energy providers worldwide succeed in rapidly-changing and highly-competitive markets. www.maxbill.com

MEFerranti MECOMSCOMS Smart Pay As You Go enables energy suppliers to measure consumption and to report available credit for: Smart Pay As You Go for homes and businesses with SMETS1 meters; ensuring DCC compatibility with SMETS2 meters; also supports traditional Pay As You Go for domestic prepayment meters. Functionality provided by MECOMS Smart Pay As You Go (SMETS1): manage the SMART Meter Exchange (SMEX) process; creation of the enrolment file for both gas and electricity; activate and deactivate PAN Card; retrieve, validate and reconcile readings from Secure; import and process pre-payment payment (PayPoint); provide annual statements to your customers.  www.ferranti-utilities.co.uk

Nectar prepaid systemNectar Prepaid System provides turnkey solutions for electricity, water and gas utilities, borehole managers and real estate companies, allowing their customers to pay for these services before consumption. Providing a web and USSD interface and with the Prepaid Token Generation system available in the cloud as a SaaS, utilities can begin using the platform immediately at zero cost while scaling based on customer token generation requests. In addition, features such as Tariff Management, Integrated Billing (with customer payments sent directly to the utilities), customisable branding and rich web charts and reports, utilities and customers can closely monitor consumption and generated revenue. https://www.nectar.software or register at https://app.nectar.software

Oracle UtilitiesOracle Utilities, a leading Customer Information Systems provider, offers complete billing and customer care solutions for utilities serving residential, commercial and industrial customers. Oracle Utilities prepaid billing solution for AMI meters handles every aspect of the customer lifecycle – from program enrolment to billing, customer self-service charge-up, meter communications, payment processing, collections and field work. Oracle also supports the management of new products and services that a utility may wish to market and sell to all or a defined segment of their customer base, including charging for electric vehicle pricing events, water and energy conservation type programs, time varying pricing, and demand response programs. www.oracle.com/industries/utilities

PayGoPayGo® is a cloud based, fully integrated utility consumer engagement software provider enabling the rapid provisioning of smart grid applications. Our solutions enhance full meter to cash business processes through patent pending “real time” pay-as-you-go (Prepay) energy programs, end to end postpaid bill payments and a related consumer messaging platform. PayGo systems leverage existing utility distribution investments, support utility energy efficiency programs and are designed to be both configurable and scalable. PayGo is deploying customer engagement and payments programs worldwide. Almost 10 million USA utility customers will soon have the ability to choose a Prepay plan delivered by PayGo. www.paygoelectric.com

PayPoint multi-channel payments solutionsPayPoint’s multi-channel payments solution is designed to provide more payment choices for customers and reduce payment collection costs for organisations. It offers the flexibility to choose some or all of the channel options depending on individual requirements – cash in-store, online, app, text, phone and cash-out. Registered users can view their full transaction history, regardless of the payment channel they use. Delivering payment technologies and services through our unique combination of local shops, mobile and online distribution channels, we are widely recognised for our leadership in payment systems and smart technology. www.paypoint.com/multichannel

siemens_logo_petrol_rgbSiemens Convergence Creators – the global communication technology partner for the digital age. We combine ground-breaking innova­tion and decades of experience to provide intelligent solutions to a variety of industries, bridging the gap between technology, processes, and services. Prepaid Energy is the end-to-end solution for smart prepaid energy management. It features flexible tariff management, real-time rating and charging, convenient payment and recharging options as well as intelligent energy consumption control features for turning prepaid energy into a viable alternative for the 21st century. Prepaid Energy makes the entire payment process easier since it allows customers to recharge their account anytime and from any device. www.siemens.com/energyip-prepay

Skybill Utility Billing softwareSkyBill Utility Billing is Enterprise-level billing  (prepaid and postpaid) and ERP software for any utility company such as GAS, WATER and SEWERAGE, ELECTRICITY or HEATING. The solution includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) ERP + Utility billing module + white-label client self-service web portal. Skybill can be connected with any type of meters (dumb or smart – SMETS1/SMETS2). We offer a high-value solution, available online as SaaS, for a low price (software as a service) or in an on-premises version. We also offer solution customizations if there is something that needs to be added to the SkyBill or integration with other systems. Free trial any time: https://skybill.eu/utility-billing-software/

SmartGridCIS logoSmartGridCIS is the pioneer in prepaid energy billing and customer communications solutions. We offer a simple yet powerful integrated platform that includes innovative web-based software, and complete integration to your smart grid infrastructure. SmartGridCIS is a true pre-paid utility billing solution capitalizing on the evolution of smart energy meter data management and bi-directional metering. It works in unison with existing MDM and AMI infrastructure and allows companies to provide real-time pricing, interval reading, complex rating, pre-paid billing and remote meter control capabilities. www.smartgridcis.com

Terranova TPS prepaymentTerranova is an Italian innovative software company offering a wide range of advanced software solutions for utilities to manage all the processes involved in Smart Metering, Prepayment, Smart Lighting, Smart Grid and Workforce Automation. TPS (Terranova Prepayment Solution) is an innovative software solution which provides a set of features to streamline utilities management thanks to a prepayment system. To achieve this aim, the system relies on tools which manage the whole process chain: from commercial issues thanks to direct customer relationship management for distributors and retailers, to technical issues by sending directly applicative operations to the meter. www.terranovasoftware.eu/eu

Utiliflex logoUtiliflex is global leader in prepaid electricity solutions with deployments in 15 countries across four continents. We solve complex customer service, revenue management, and loss prevention challenges for utilities. We provide scalable prepaid solutions with consumer friendly technologies designed to capitalize on existing metering and IT investments. www.utiliflex.com

Zazoo vending solutionZAZOO’s Utility Vending System (UVS) is a turnkey solution that simplifies tariff management and consumer arrears collection, allowing utilities to manage prepaid vending for electricity, water and gas meters more efficiently and cost effectively. The UVS includes fully managed token distribution across multiple channels, management of meter keys with remote key loading, and high level security with identity-based access and password control. As a meter-agnostic vending solution, utilities have the freedom to choose their preferred meter technology without fear of changing systems. As a member of the STS Association, ZAZOO has led with world-class UVS technology for over 10 years. www.zazooltd.com