Exceleron Software releases MyUsage Payments Version 3

Exceleron Software, a Dallas-based developer of cloud-based prepay and payment services for the utility sector, has announced the release of MyUsage Payments Version 3.0. The upgrade expands the payment options that utilities can offer customers by adding low-cost credit card processing as well as cash payments at retail locations.

Through partnerships with leading payment processors, MyUsage Payments allows customers who prefer to pay in cash to do so at 50,000 retail locations. These include CVS, Family Dollar and 7-Eleven stores, as well as all Western Union and MoneyGram locations.

Exceleron MyUsage Payments mobile app
Exceleron MyUsage Payments mobile app

Alternatively, customers can make quick-click payments online, via a mobile app, or over the telephone with a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Utilities can customize the website and mobile app to match their branding, to provide a seamless customer experience.

MyUsage Payments is integrated with Exceleron’s web portal, where authorized utility representatives may research payment history, process refunds, and access flexible reports in multiple file formats.

“All our products are designed to give consumers better access to detailed information about their energy consumption and greater control over the amount and frequency of payments,” said Tom Jackson, Exceleron’s Director of MyUsage Payments. “By expanding utilities’ payment options, MyUsage Payments empowers consumers, increases customer satisfaction, improves payment performance, and lowers risks for utility service providers.”

Jackson cited research showing that consumers want the convenience of making payments anytime, anywhere. He explained that when customers make a payment, they receive immediate confirmation. They can also opt to receive alerts when they have a low balance, pending disconnection, or auto-recharge.

“With this new functionality, our MyUsage Payments platform helps utilities further expand their payment options with minimal fuss, regardless of whether they offer prepay plans or traditional billing,” Jackson added.

Bolivar Energy Authority, which serves more than 11,000 electric customers in Tennessee, is one of the first utilities to start using MyUsage Payment Version 3.0. “We rely on great partners like Exceleron to help us create the best experience for our customers while also providing Bolivar with the highest level of support,” said John Fortune, Bolivar’s President and CEO.

“Exceleron very quickly integrated the MyUsage Payments solution into our services without disruption, so that we could offer our customers some of the most flexible and convenient payment options available in the energy industry.”

Exceleron Software is profiled in Quindi Research’s report Smart Prepaid Utilities in the United States: Forecasts & Analysis.